Skeletons - Stage 1 Teacher Notes

Skeletons: Framework for survival exhibition is an exciting self-guided program for Stage 1 students.

Skeletons Exhibition

Skeletons Exhibition
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

Before your visit

Syllabus links

This activity addresses aims and objectives of the NSW K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus. It is particularly relevant to the Living Things content strand - Identifies, describes ways in which living things grow and change.

Before Your Visit

Pre-visit activities

  • To make the most of your visit to the exhibition we recommend that you prepare your students beforehand by providing a context for the excursion to the Museum including the reasons for visiting the Museum, the tasks to be completed and the expected outcomes.


Please photocopy:

The following materials should be photocopied for each supervising adult:

At the Australian Museum

Organisational tips

  • Use the Museum Guide Map to guide the students to the Skeleton: Framework for survival exhibition on the ground level of the Museum.
  • Advise the students that they will investigate different areas of this exhibition.
  • We suggest that you divide the students into groups to rotate through the various activities in order to avoid overcrowding of the displays.

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