Image Gallery: Simon Norman Crocodile Spirit Man (2013)

Crocodile Spirit Man represents a man that is eaten by a crocodile; a “spirit figure” or a ghost. If a man goes hunting and is taken by a crocodile, he then haunts the place where he was taken. The spirit can bite people, annoy them and make noises, but don’t do any real harm. The spirit is only a problem until people move away from the area which is haunted;

“If I move away then this bloke here (the spirit man) will move away. Nobody won’t see him anymore.” Simon Norman (Pormpuraaw Art Centre) 2014

For the sculpture, Simon used a crocodile skull and other crocodile bones from a carcass he found in the local crocodile farm. It is largely comprised of ghost net, and decorated with objects found on the local beach including shells, coral and sea fan, as well as white feathers from the corellas that inhabit the town in their hundreds.