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  • Breeding of Fraser's Rainforest Snail

    Slightly larger than a Common Garden Snail, Fraser's Rainforest Snail, Sphaerospira fraseri, is a native species of land snail that inhabits wet forested habitat of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Very little of its natural history is known, except that it feeds on fungi and rotting vegetation. By keeping and breeding this species in captivity the Australian Museum are reducing the need for wild snails to be collected for display. The following paper was written to describe the breeding events and the details of the species captive care at the Australian Museum.

  • Care of Stick Insects

    Stick insects or phasmids eat leaves and resemble leaves or sticks. 

  • Wollemi pine on display

    Discovered as recently as 1994, the  Wollemi Pine has been referred to as the 'botanical find of the 20th Century' and 'the equivalent of finding a small living dinosaur on Earth'.

    A small live Wollemi Pine is now on display My Photo Studio, part of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.