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  • Science Festival - Resources

    All the essential paperwork for your Science Festival Event excursion.

  • Australian Museum Science Festival


  • Archaeological science celebrates 40 years

    The toolbox for archaeology now contains a diverse collection of highly sophisticated scientific techniques.

  • Celebrating Women in Science

    More women in science = better science. 

  • Science Strategy Panel

    Research at the Australian Museum involves the study of our collections and how they tell us about our world and history. We seek to ensure that our research is relevant and innovative, drawing on the vast resources of knowledge within our collection. The Science Strategy Panel provides an objective viewpoint on our research and assists the Museum in communicating its research activities to the wider public.

    Terms of Reference 

    1. Provide advice to the Trust on the science ‘pillars’ of the Museum’s Corporate Strategic Plan (2011 – 2014) relating to the theme “Globally Significant Knowledge Base of Collections and Research”:

    - Inspiring Collections
    - A Trusted Adviser and Partner
    - Research that Makes a Difference

    2. Facilitate integration between these three pillars of the strategy, and between the science pillars and other related elements of the CSP.

    3. Raise the profile and public understanding of the Australian Museum’s science capacity and outputs.


    Professor Merlin Crossley (Chair; Dean, Faculty of Science, UNSW)
    Dr Jim Peacock (Fellow, CSIRO)
    Professor John Mattick (Executive Director, Garvan Institute of Medical Research)
    Professor Steve Simpson (ARC Laureate Fellow, University of Sydney)
    Dr Joanne Daly (Strategic Advisor, Science, Strategy & People, CSIRO)
    Dr Kate Wilson (Executive Director, Science, Office of Environment and Heritage)
    Dr James Moody (Executive Director, Development, CSIRO)
    Ms Karina Kelly
    Professor Amanda Lawson (Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong; AM Trustee)
    Catherine Livingstone (ex officio; President AM Trust)
    Kim McKay, AO (ex officio; AM, Director & CEO)
    Rebecca Johnson (ex officio; AM, Acting Assistant Director, AMRI, Science & Learning)

    Download our Science Strategy

  • Science Week is coming up

    Need some ideas for your Science Week project? Interested in spiders and insects? The diversity of spiders and insects around your home and school can be an indicator of the biodiversity around you.

  • Australian Museum announces new Centre for Citizen Science

    Australian Museum announces new Centre for Citizen Science - The public to play a greater role in science.

  • Citizen Science

    What can you do to participate in citizen Science programs?

  • Science in the City - A Marathon of Heroes

    Science in the City (which also expands to Science in the Suburbs and Science in the Bush) is a week long event aimed at High school students of all grade levels. It is designed to encourage them towards an interest in the sciences and to expose them to the diverse field of science. This is truly a marathon of heroes from the lecturers who hardly have pause between classes to the staff and volunteers that patiently control the mass of students and at the end of the day, the smiles and humor still stands.

  • Who we are: Australian Museum Centre for Citizen Science

    We are the Australian Museum Centre for Citizen Science aiming to engage the public with science in a practical way.

  • From Science for School Students to a Simpson Desert Expedition and the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes

    August is Science Month at the Australian Museum.

  • Science at the Australian Museum

    Our science involves research into, and care of, a valuable physical bank of biological and cultural information.

  • Science in the City 2011

    Science in the City 2011 launched at the Australian Museum today - see what it's all about! 

  • Science Strategy

     Our Science Strategy guides the research programs undertaken at the Australian Museum by scientists from Australia and abroad. 

  • Science Festival - Dr Bell