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  • Sugar Glider

    The Sugar Glider has a membrane extending from its fifth finger to its ankle enabling it to glide up to 50 m between trees.

  • Feathertail Glider

    The Feathertail Glider is the smallest gliding mammal in the world with an average weight of only 12 g.

  • Squirrel Glider

    Squirrel Gliders are small possums that have distinctive membranes of skin, stretching between their front and hind legs, that enable them to glide with ease through the air.

  • Squirrel Glider


  • Squirrel Glider


  • Greater Glider


  • The Greater glider


  • Feathertail glider


  • Possessed Glider


  • Squirrel Glider


  • A flyingfish, Cheilopogon sp.

    Flyingfishes don't really fly - they glide.

  • BBC Life - Flyingfish footage

    If you are a fish, one of the most effective ways to avoid a predator must be to leave the water.  Fishes have evolved different strategies to do just that, but few manage to do so as spectacularly as the flyingfishes. It is not uncommon to see a fish glide up to 200 m.

  • Lace Monitor on tree


  • Crested Pigeon

    If startled, this pigeon takes to the air with a characteristic whistling flight, and glides with down-turned wings. The whistling sound is produced by the air passing over a modified primary feather on the wing. Upon landing, the pigeon swings its tail high in the air.

  • Wood Sandpiper

    The Wood Sandpiper is wary and nervous and will burst into flight if disturbed, zig-zagging off and calling loudly, then generall glide gracefully to ground again.