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  • Manefish, Caristius sp

    Manefishes typically have a flabby compressed body.  They live in temperate marine waters of all oceans except the north-eastern Pacific.

  • Tadpole Coffinfish, Chaunacops melanostomus (Caruso, 1989)

    The Tadpole Coffinfish has a flabby body and long tail that are both covered with small spines. The species been trawled in the Central to Eastern Indian Ocean at depths ranging from 1320 m to 1760 m.

    The movie below, shows excellent footage of another species of Chaunacops (C. coloratus) at depths between 2600 m and 3600 m.

  • Common Redmouth Whalefish, Rondeletia loricata Abe & Hotta, 1963

    The Common Redmouth Whalefish has a flabby scaleless body. The inside of the mouth and gill cavities are coloured red-orange.

  • Jellynose Fish, Ateleopus

    Jellynose fishes have a long flabby body, a bulbous snout, and an inferior mouth. They have a short-based dorsal fin and a long-based anal fin that is continuous with the caudal fin. Jellynose fishes are usually dark brown to black.

  • Goblin Shark, Mitsukurina owstoni Jordan, 1898

    The very strange-looking Goblin Shark has a distinctively shaped snout and an impressive array of long, pointed teeth. The fish, however, is found in deep water and poses no threat to people.