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  • Frequently asked questions about fishes

    Australian Museum staff are frequently asked questions about fishes. The FAQ list gives the answers to some of those questions.

  • This week in Fish: New fish list

    This week we began work on a new fish list that will facilitate better access to pages.  We welcome two new visitors and take you on a tour of part of the fish collection.

  • This week in Fish: Purple Flying Gurnard

    It's been a short week but a productive one.  Some beautiful images were added and work continues on the 'master fish list' for the site.  Best wishes to all for the Festive Season!  Thanks one and all for your contributions throughout the year.

  • This week in Fish: Flatworm mimic and shark teeth

    This week we show an amazing example of mimicry.  We feature a range of shark teeth, look at a Tubemouth and show images of larval sole.  Thank you as always to all contributors.

  • This week in fish: Steen and the Spookfish

    The content of this post actually covers a little more than one week.  The addition of web content was interrupted last week because we spent four days in Townsville attending the 2011 Australian Society for Fish Biology annual conference and collections workshop.  There is a feast of fishy content listed below.

  • This week in Fish: Fantastic fish feeding footage

    This week we show footage of Marlin, whales and seals feeding. There is also great footage of sharks and an Oilfish from the Coral Sea.

  • Fishing and fishing gear

    Fish formed an important part of the diet of the people who lived along the coast in the Sydney region in pre-colonial times.

  • Regional guides to fishes

    The books listed below contain information on Australian fishes.

  • Systematics of fish larvae from the tropical Indo-Pacific and temperate Australia

    Systematics is the study of identification, classification and nomenclature of organisms.

  • This week in Fish: Small fishes and shark ageing

    This week we feature a blog post on Dr Jeff Leis' research.  We show you how to age a shark by examining its backbone and present an image of a juvenile fish collected in French Polynesia, along with the net that collected it.  We welcome Dr Barry Russell, who is currently visiting the Fish Section to further his research on lizardfishes.

  • This week in Fish: Tasselled Anglerfish and rockclimbing fish

    This week we feature a fantastic image of the Tasselled Anglerfish, we watch a Blackspot Tuskfish doing its thing, look at juvenile fish rockclimbing and as always point to new fishy content.

  • This week in Fish: Find a fish launched

    I don't mind saying that I'm pretty excited to be able to announce that the new Find a Fish page is online. Working on this page (and those that sit beneath it) has consumed more of my evenings than I would like to admit.  In addition, as always, some great images were added. Thanks troops!

  • This week in Fish: Toxin glands and a meal to die for

    This week we look at the toxin glands of a Southern Peacock Sole.  We find out what it is like to be stung by a Demon Stinger and try to digest the image of a fish that bit off more than it could chew.  In all, over 60 pages were moved over to the new site.

  • What is the deepest-living fish?

    The deepsea has long held a fascination for people.  What is the 'fishy depth record'?

  • This week in Fish: Flyingfishes in flight

    This week we feature some lovely images of flying fishes in flight ... or should I say glide?  There are images of a larval surgeonfish, a gudgeon in freshwater and a selection of fishes caught on hook and line.  Thank you as always to all our contributors.