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  • Black Flying-fox

    Black Flying-foxes are the largest species of flying-fox in Australia. They can fly at 35 - 40 kilometres per hour and may travel over 50 kilometres from their camp to a feeding area. They often share their camps with other flying-fox species.

  • Common Bent-wing Bat

    Dark brown or red-brown on the back, lighter underneath, high domed forehead, short muzzle, small rounded ears and long narrow wings.

  • Common Blossom Bat

    Fawn to reddish-brown, large eyes, long narrow face and a long thin ‘brush-like’ tongue.

  • Little Pied Bat

    Little Pied Bats have been found roosting in places where the temperature reaches more than 40 degrees Celsius. They must roost in places near water.

  • Gould's Long-eared Bat

    Dark brown to dark grey in colour with a light grey underside. Very long ears that fold down when at rest.

  • Ghost Bat

    Ghost Bats use their large eyes as well as echolocation to find prey.

  • Orange Leaf-nosed Bat

    Orange Leaf-nosed Bats are very sensitive to people disturbing them in their roosts. They will often not return to a roost if it is disturbed more than a few times.

  • Lesser Long-eared Bat

    Lesser Long-eared Bats occur in towns and suburbs. These bats are at risk from pesticides and cats.

  • Arnhem Sheathtail Bat

    Arnhem Sheathtail Bats were only discovered in 1979 and very little is known about them.

  • Arnhem Land Long-eared Bat

    Although these insect-eating bats are called Arnhem Land Long-eared Bats, they are found all over northern Australia.

  • Australian Fur Seal

    The Australian Fur Seal is the largest fur seal found in Australian waters.

  • Torresian Flying-fox

    Torresian Flying-foxes are found only on Moa Island. They are well-known to residents of Moa but have only recently discovered by scientists.

  • Common Sheathtail Bat

    Common Sheathtail Bats often rest on rocks during the night's feeding, next to cracks they will squeeze into if disturbed.

  • Little Bent-wing Bat

    Many hundreds of Little Bent-wing Bats roost together in a colony, often sharing their roosts with Common Bent-wing Bats.

  • Southern Myotis

    Southern Myotis's can hibernate during winter. They are also known as fishing bats.