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  • Interpretive Theatre at the Museum

    Risky business.

  • Gilbert Percy Whitley

    A life time’s work: 500 papers, 5 books, 37,000 fish specimens collected and 320 new species identified.

  • Controversy in museums: a timeline

    This timeline first appeared in the Journal of Museum Education, Volume 23, No 3, 1998 and was co-edited by Maureen McConnell and Honee Hess. It is reproduced here with kind permission of the authors.

  • Frank Hurley in Papua

    Frank Hurley’s artistic legacy from a career spanning nearly 60 years places him among the greatest Australian photographers of the twentieth century.

    When invited to photograph the activities of Anglican missions in Papua in the early 1920s he saw an opportunity to photograph and film what he viewed as an exotic and savage land – and advance an already successful career.

    Hurley’s photos reflect both an Australian-controlled Papua – a place where government and missionaries exerted a strong influence in the areas they occupied – and a more traditional Papua. These images, together with his diaries, artefacts and film, form a significant archive of Papua’s history. 

  • Australian Museum Timeline

     The Australian Museum has undergone some turbulent times since it was established in 1827.