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  • Producer, Gallery Services

    Maintain the site and touring exhibitions to ensure that the visitor experience is maintained, engaging, enjoyable and safe.

  • Transit of Venus

    On Wednesday 6 June, 2012, we marvel at an astronomical rarity – the transit of Venus across the face of the sun.

  • With a little help from my fishy friends

    When it comes to finding their way in the endless blue, baby fish are better at navigating when swimming in groups rather than on their own.

  • Rover's Legacy

    An early painting by one of Australia’s most important artists needs some expert TLC, says the Museum’s Gráinne Murphy.

  • Life Histories of NSW Marine and Estuarine Fishes

    In NSW, we know the life histories and habitat requirements for few species. It is the goal of this project to help fill those gaps. In short, this project involves systematic, ecological and behavioural research.

  • Anthony Forge: Research in Bali, Indonesia

    How does art serve social hierarchy?

  • The Anthropocene: what’s in a name?

    Planet Earth has never before experienced anything quite like the age of humans, says Museum ecologist Alan Jones.

  • Publications 1997

    Lizard Island Research Station publications 1997

  • A biography of the Scott sisters

    Harriet and Helena Scott were two of 19th century Australia’s most prominent natural history illustrators and possibly the first professional female illustrators in the country. They were also accomplished amateur naturalists and collectors, at a time when women were unable to pursue careers in these fields.

  • Plate Tectonic processes

    Since the 1950s, several discoveries have led to a new understanding of how the Earth works.

  • Australian Lepidoptera and their Transformations, Volume 1

    Read Australian Lepidoptera and their Transformations with illustrations by Harriet and Helena Scott.

  • Scott family notebook 2

    Read the notebooks of the most famous natural history illustrators working in Sydney in the last decades of the 19th century.

  • Out and about

    If we all make an effort to travel sustainably, we could significantly cut down on pollution and save money along the way.

  • Peering into the past: Potoroos provide new insight into biodiversity in Australia

    Our study of one of Australia's most secretive marsupials sheds light on how changes to forests have enriched biodiversity

  • What is identity?

    Attended a talk by John Falk about identity and thought might be useful to post some of the literature I reviewed in my thesis about identity generally.