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  • Lilian Medland

    Lilian lived quietly in the suburbs and painted bird illustrations that were both exquisite and accurate enough to use in a field guide.

  • 91 new seaworm species described from Lizard Island

    An amazing 91 new species of seaworms from coral reefs off Lizard Island have just been described!

  • Care of terrestrial invertebrates

    The Australian Museum cares for and displays a wide range of terrestrial invertebrates including scorpions, spiders, insects.

  • DigiVol and Entomology

     Dr Dave Britton's views on the project.

  • Our DigiVol Staff

     Who is the DigiVol team?

  • DigiVol: Volunteers have their say

    Andrew and Duncan are volunteers on the digitisation project, called "DigiVol" who both provide interesting commentary on "life behind the scenes" in the digitisation lab.

  • The universe

    The universe can be defined as the whole of existing things from the scale of sub-micron to outer space.

  • Publications 1979

    Lizard Island Publications 1979

  • Climate Change and Museums

    What audience research has the Museum conducted done on the topic of climate change? This post outlines our initial studies conducted 2006-2007.

  • Herbivory: eating plants

    Herbivory is the act of eating plants and a herbivore is an animal that eats plants. Herbivores play an important role in the ecology of any area, influencing plant communities and individual plant growth. The great diversity of invertebrate and vertebrate herbivores reflects the diversity of plants. Each plant provides a wide range of feeding opportunities and herbivores show many adaptations, like modified mouthparts and behaviours that allow them to feed on plants.

  • Publications 1983

    Lizard Island Publications 1983

  • Museum in a Box - Rock


  • Museum in a box - rocks


  • General flower anatomy


  • Male scorpion fly