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  • Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection

    Ichthyology is the study of fishes. There are estimated to be over 32,500 species of fishes worldwide and nearly 5,000 in Australia.

  • Why collect?

    Every year, the question most commonly asked at the Australian Museum’s Open Day is: why do you need so many specimens in jars?

  • Cultural Collections Donations: Information for Potential Donors

    What you can expect as a potential donor to the Australian Museum cultural collections

  • Australian Museum Herpetology Collection

    The Australian Museum has a large and comprehensive collection of research specimens from throughout Australia and the Pacific region.

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  • Archaeological Collection Deposition Policy


  • Frozen Tissue Collection

    Our extensive collections are a valuable resource for the investigation of biodiversity, population genetics, phylogenetics and more.

  • How big are the Australian Museum collections?

    After collecting for more than 175 years, the Australian Museum collections are immense. It is estimated that, in total, the Australian Museum collections contain in excess of 18 million objects and specimens in the Natural Science and Cultural Collections.

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  • The Koala Collection

    The Australian Museum Koala collection currently comprises over 290 specimens dating from the late 1870s.

  • Sharing Stories: Pacific Collection

    Sharing Stories unlocks the treasures of the cultural collections. Explore traditional knowledge and insights of collectors and material culture experts in these short films about selected objects from the Australian Museum's Pacific Island collections.

  • The Morrison Collection

    The Morrison Collection was a collection of 124 Aboriginal cultural objects collected at the turn of the 20th century by Alexander Morrison in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. This collection is of interest to the Wonnarua people whose families lived at the St. Clair mission where many of the objects were made.

  • Fish Collection Managers in Australia

    The following people manage ichthyological research collections in Australia.

  • Quick tour of the fish collection

    Behind the public front of the Australian Museum lies one of its greatest assets, the collections.

    The fish collection is stored in four separate areas on the College St site and one off-site facility.

    This gallery shows images taken in the collection.