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  • Kalani'opu'u's feather cape

    An extraordinary treasure that will be featured in the Westpac Long Gallery in 2017.

  • Original Kalani’opu’u’s feather cape (Cook's cape)


  • Redback Spider, Latrodectus hasselti

    Redback Spiders are found throughout Australia and are common in disturbed and urban areas.

  • Textiles in Torajan Funerals

    Death is a gradual process by which the spirit travels to puya, the Island of Souls. The funeral is to assist in this journey and some textiles symbolise a pathway to puya.

  • Burial - Toraja, Sulawesi

    The Toraja live in the mountainous southern region of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Most are now Christian. However, elements of the traditional religion, aluk to dolo ('the law of the ancestors'), are still followed, especially in rural areas.

  • Spider bites and venoms

    Spider venoms are a cocktail of many chemicals. 

  • Mourning - Victorian Era

    In Great Britain, during the reign of Queen Victoria, people usually died in their homes, surrounded by family and friends, and the corpse stayed in the home until burial.

  • Spider facts

    Some commonly asked questions and interesting facts about spiders.

  • Brewarrina Boy

    An essay on Mervyn Bishop written by Djon Mundine for the Sydney Elders exhibition.