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  • Wild Kids - Habitats

    Explore seven different animal and plant habitats: Coasts, Freshwater, Antarctica, Forests, Woodlands, Arid Zone and Urban.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of Antarctica

    Many animals live in and visit Antarctica and the islands around it. Antarctic habitats include pack ice, mountains and the surrounding seas.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of woodland habitats

    Here you can see some typical animals of woodland habitats, as well as animals of grasslands, rocky cliffs and slopes and heaths.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of freshwater habitats

    Look at some of the animals found in freshwater habitats, which include lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, rivers and wetlands.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of coastal habitats

    Look at colourful illustrations of some key Australian animals found in coastal habitats, including oceans, coastal waters, beaches, sand dunes, rock pools and rock platforms, estuaries and mangroves.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of urban habitats

    Lots of people live in big cities and towns. Many Australian plants and animals have adapted to live with us in our gardens, buildings, parks and harbours. Find out what might live in your backyard.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of forest habitats

    Forests are places with tall trees and a thick canopy. In Australia the three main types of forest include wet forests, dry forests and rainforests. Look at some of the animals that live in them.

  • Wild Kids - Animals of the arid zone

    Australia is the second driest continent in the world. This does not mean that areas without fresh water do not have plants and animals. In fact, arid zone habitats are full of life. Some arid zone habitats include tall shrubs, grassy areas, sandy areas and rocky areas.

  • Kids in Wild Planet


  • Kids Go Free

     You don’t have to break the bank to entertain and inspire the kids.

  • Kids Free

    General admission is now free for under-16s and high school students

  • Little Kids at the AM

    Calling all toddlers! Bring your parents to the Australian Museum this Spring for activities, craft and games for kids 0 to 5!

  • Switched on Kids Shed Light on Science

    Our April school holiday programs saw budding scientists getting their hands dirty and exploring the mysteries of light.

  • e-Kids' College November 2007

    This is a blog post from November 2007 about our e-Kids’ College that was on my old blog. I have reproduced it here as people have been asking for it!

  • Deputy Premier Troy Grant and CEO Kim McKay announce Kids Free

    Families across NSW benefit from Kids Free at the Australian Museum and Powerhouse Museum