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  • Seram Blenny, Salarias ceramensis Bleeker, 1852

    The Seram Blenny shows considerable variation in colour across its geographic range. The species is usually seen resting on rubble on inshore coral reefs.

  • Seram Blenny, Salarias ceramensis


  • Seram Blenny at Redang Island


  • Blenniidae - Blennies

    Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the blenniid fishes on the site. They are also called fangblennies and rockshippers.

  • This week in Fish: A lost Mozambique Seabream

    It has been a big week.  Highlights include the receipt of a Mozambique Seabream that was caught in a surprising location and a fact sheet about an unusual habitat for small fishes - sea slugs.

  • This week in Fish: Packing and interview

    It was packing week.  Amanda and Sally have worked hard to amass all the gear required for our upcoming trip to Timor Leste.  More on that topic to come.  Mark's interview with Radio Eastside is now online. As to 'fishy stuff', there was plenty of it.  Thank you all for your contributions.

  • This week in Fish: Mystery skeleton and great images

    This week the international fish community worked together to identify a very strange skeleton.  Some beautiful new images have been added to the site, notably those of a Whale Shark and Fimbriate Moray.  We are also delighted to be able to show an image of a very rare tapetail (baby whalefish) taken by divers in Bali.  The text for another 48 pages has been migrated from the old site!