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  • Dugite, Pseudonaja affinis


  • Western Brown Snake (Pseudonaja mengdeni)


  • Western Brown Snakes (nuchalis-complex)

    For many years it was suspected that the widespread Western Brown Snake (Pseudonaja nuchalis) was in fact a composite species, however efforts to split nuchalis were largely defeated by the extreme level of colour and pattern variation encountered both within and between populations. Ontogenetic colour changes, suggestions of intergrades, and possible hybridisation with other Pseudonaja species added to the confusion. Despite the enormous challenge researchers were able to narrow down a number of basic colour morphs, and recent genetic studies have now built upon earlier findings to confirm the existence of at least three species within the nuchalis-complex.

  • Dugite, Pseudonaja affinis

    Well-known to south-western WA residents, the Dugite has made itself at home around urban and semi-rural areas, drawn to the prevalence of its favoured prey – the house mouse.

  • Blue-bellied Black snake


  • Eastern Brown Snake

    Broad-scale clearing of land for agriculture, while disastrous for many native creatures, has proved a boon for the Eastern Brown Snake, and their numbers have proliferated thanks to the ready supply of rodents that followed. Despite the free pest control they offer to farmers and landholders, brown snakes are still widely seen as dangerous pests themselves.

  • Jodi Rowley