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  • Bugwise for Schools

    Bugwise for schools brings the world of invertebrates to your students, engaging them in real science in local environments. Find out what insects and spiders you are sharing your schools with and why they are vitally important to a healthy planet.

  • Skeletons - Stage 1 Teacher Notes

    Skeletons: Framework for survival exhibition is an exciting self-guided program for Stage 1 students.

  • Web2Spider toolkit for schools

    The Web2Spider toolkit is designed for schools to monitor the abundance and diversity of spiders.

  • Climate Change: The effect on ecosystems educator-led session (S4 - S5)

    In this lesson, students will gain insights into the impacts of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef and Pacific cultures.

  • Modelling scientific investigations

    Modelling scientific investigations. This information forms part of the Plant2pollinator resources.

  • Predicting insect pollinators - Stage 4

    Even though insects make up more than 70% of Australia’s biodiversity, plant scientists are concerned about our role in weakening the plant/pollinator relationship. Of the 220,000 species of insects in Australia, 35% remain undocumented, compared to 5% of vertebrate species.

    Can flower types be predictors of insect pollinator diversity?

  • Flower shapes - Stage 1

    Have fun and learn about flowers, insects and pollination in this Plant2pollinator Stage 1 activity.

  • Welcome to Plant2pollinator

    Plant2pollinator is a practical science resource for understanding pollinator partnerships and building biodiversity stewardship for students from stages 1 to 4.

  • Who are the pollinators? - Stage 2

    Pollination by animals relies on flowers providing an attractant, usually nectar. Who are the pollinators?

  • Flowers to fruit - Stage 2

    Most flowering plants rely on pollinators for survival. Did you know that one out of every three bites of food we eat is made possible by pollinators? 

    What part do insects play in providing our fruit? 

  • Insects in our gardens - Stage 3

    Beetles were probably the world’s first animal pollinators; they pollinated cycads long before flowering plants came on to the scene.

    What insects are in your garden and why are they there?

  • Insect pollination - Stage 1

    Have fun and learn how insects pollinate flowers in this hands-on Plant2pollinator activity for Stage 1 students.