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  • Highlights of the Ornithology Collection

    The Ornithology Collection consists of much more than the mounted birds you see in the galleries.  Alongside common species, our 'library' of bird life also includes many rare, strange and even extinct specimens. Not only are they scientifically and historically valuable, they are also incredibly interesting. 

  • Edward Lear, illustrator

    Join art curator Robert McCracken Peck as he reveals Edward Lear’s fascination with Australian wildlife.

  • Ludwig Leichhardt in Australia

    In October this year Australia and Germany celebrate the bicentenary of explorer Ludwig Leichhardt’s birth.

  • Past Winners & Finalists (Eureka Prizes)

    From 1990 to the present. *Page under construction - see below for contact details*

  • An important ‘type’ of specimen

    Staff from AMRI’s mammal collection published the first catalogue of mammal type specimens in the Collection since Krefft’s list of 1864.

  • History of the Library

    The Australian Museum Research Library collections form a major natural history resource in Australia.

  • A history of Ash Island

    Learn more about this island in the Hunter River estuary near Hexham, NSW, and the Scott Family's connection with it.

  • Exhibitions Timeline

     A list of every exhibition held here at the Museum and at the Djamu Gallery at Customs House, Circular Quay.

  • Australian Natural History (1962-1995) *work in progress

    In 1962 the Museum's magazine’s name was changed to Australian Natural History (ANH) as it more accurately described the magazine’s scope.

  • Australian Museum Magazine 1921-1961

    The Australian Museum Magazine was launched in 1921 to satisfy the public's 'lively curiosity' about the natural world and cultures.

  • Elizabeth in Australia

    'I find amusement ad employment in drawing some of the plants of the colony, which will help to render the work on Birds of Australia more interesting... I trust we shall be enabled to make our contemplated work of sufficient interest to ensure it a good sale.'

    Elizabeth Gould, letter to her mother, 9 January 1839, Chsholm, A H (1944), The Story of Elizabeth Gould. Hawthorne Press, Melbourne

  • Edwin Charles Prince

    Gould also relied very heavily on his personal secretary Edwin Prince, who was responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of Gould's business.

  • Lithography Process - greasy ink rolled on


  • William Matthew Hart (1830-1908)

    William Hart had a predilection for intense colours, an attribute that would have pleased Gould. Though he commenced medical training, Hart was forced to abandon his studies due to lack of finance. He then turned to making his living as a colourer.

  • George Bennett's House Illustration