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  • Queensland Groper, Epinephelus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790)

    The Queensland Groper is one of the largest bony fishes, and is the largest on coral reefs.  The species has been implicated in fatal attacks on humans, but none are fully documented.

  • The Pliocene Epoch (5-1.6 million years ago)

    During the Pliocene, the world's continents were close to their present positions. There was an overall cooling of sea and land temperatures. Grasslands were spreading. Australia's plants and animals began to gain their distinctive modern appearance.

  • Mammoths - Giants of the Ice age

    Journey back in time to when these mighty beasts roamed the Earth and see a near- perfectly preserved, 40,000 year old baby woolly mammoth for the first time in Australia.

  • Herbivorous heavyweights

    One group of plant-eaters grew to become the biggest land animals ever. These were the sauropods – impressive long-necked, four-legged giants.

  • Kainake and the kamare – hot on the trail of Bougainville’s giant rats

    Local knowledge, kastom and hard work leads to an unexpected find on Bougainville Island.

  • This week in Fish: 'Habitat road trip'

    This week we go on a 'habitat road trip', as we watch Golden Perch in the green waters of Blowering Dam, a snailfish swimming in the ocean depths, a stargazer bursting from the sediment and pipefish living between the tentacles of an anemone in the clear waters of Komodo Island.  Thank you everyone!

  • The Gentle Giant (Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

    The winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 14-year-old Udayan Rao Pawar, shares the story of his captivating image.

  • Giant Tortoise Sectioned

    The Australian Museum Trust minutes are a continuing source of wonder.

  • Surviving Australia - Exhibition Guide for Teachers

    An outline of what you will see in each section and the key components that will intrigue and excite you.

  • Dromornis stirtoni

    Dromornis stirtoni was the largest of the dromornithids, a group of huge flightless birds known only from Australia. The late Miocene Dromornis, from Alcoota Station in the Northern Territory, weighed up to 500kg and stood over three metres in height, making it heavier than the Giant Moa of New Zealand and taller than the Elephant Bird of Madagascar.

  • Spider origins

    Spiders were among the earliest animals to live on land, probably evolving about 400 million years ago. 

  • Overview of molluscs - Phylum Mollusca

    Snails, slugs, clams, mussels, squids and octopuses are all very different-looking animals. However, they are all molluscs.

  • Malaita’s monster rat

    Our team is again drawn toward Malaita’s cloud forests and we find an exciting sign of the giant rat we’re looking for.

  • In the news - December

    A couple of interesting news stories have raised the interest of the exhibitions and web teams over the last few days - Dinosaurs, and Drop Bears.

  • Australian Museum Magazine 1921-1961

    The Australian Museum Magazine was launched in 1921 to satisfy the public's 'lively curiosity' about the natural world and cultures.