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  • Geoff Gardner


  • This week in Fish: Suckling fish

    It was a short week.  Public holiday on Monday and leave on Friday. This week we feature the visit of researchers from SAIAB and have added a blog post about a fish that suckles its young.  Also added were new volunteer pages, a triggerfish movie and stonefish images.

  • Geoff Gardner


  • The Australian Museum Visits Manly #4


  • Larval basslet movies

    Fishes of the genus Liopropoma have have extremely long ornate second and third dorsal fin spines during their pelagic larval phase. This ornamentation is lost when the larvae metamophose during the transition between open water habitat and the reefs where Liopropoma species live as adults.

  • Polydrum move


  • Welcome to Plant2pollinator

    Plant2pollinator is a practical science resource for understanding pollinator partnerships and building biodiversity stewardship for students from stages 1 to 4.

  • Reverend George Brown Pacific Islands Photographs

    Over 900 glass plate negatives taken by George Brown during his work for the Methodist Mission in the Pacific between 1875 and 1905.

  • Online Volunteering

    The Australian Museum has been exploring a new form of volunteering - Online Volunteering - where volunteers do all their volunteer activity on the internet. It means that volunteers can assist us without having to physically come into the Museum, they do it all from the comfort of their own home. All that is required is a computer with internet access.

  • About the Science Festival

    Come and explore the Science Festival!

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