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  • This week in Fish: Deepsea fish with four eyes?

    This week we feature the incredible Glasshead Barreleye along with underwater images of the famous Smalltooth Cookiecutter Shark.  We show divers descending through clear water at the Kermadec Islands and watch a Pacific Leaping Blenny go through its paces.  Thank you very much to everyone who contributed.

  • This week in Fish: Back to reality

    Returning to work after three weeks on fieldwork is not always easy.  Despite the excellent efforts of Amanda and Sally, there were many emails to answer and plenty of jobs that had to be done.  I have added a number of images and two movies in a feeble attempt to relive the Kermadec experience.

  • This week in Fish: Octopus mimic

    The first week of the new year sees us back into the swing of things.  Thanks everyone for your contributions.  The fish mimicking an octopus mimicking a fish is quite amazing.

  • This week in Fish: Keita Koeda visiting

    This week saw the addition of plenty of new movies and images.  PhD student, Keita Koeda from the University of the Ryukyus is visiting for a few weeks to examine bullseye fishes.

  • This week in Fish: Baby Batfish

    It was another big week with heaps of new fishy content added to the site.  Two of the highlights were the spotting of juvenile Roundface Batfish in Sydney Harbour and the addition of a stunning Halimeda Ghostpipefish image.  Follow the links below to read more about these and other happenings.  This will be the first and last Fish Bits post for May.  I will be participating in the Kermadec Islands expedition (more below) until early June.  Thank you as always to everyone who contributed during the week.

  • Tahitian Taumi - Warrior’s Breastplates

    Gorgets collected by Captain James Cook during his three voyages to the Pacific Islands.

  • Digging for whale bones

    Australian Museum scientists are in the process of excavating three complete whale skeletons from Lord Howe Island.

  • Exhibitions Timeline

     A list of every exhibition held here at the Museum and at the Djamu Gallery at Customs House, Circular Quay.