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  • Fish Fieldwork - Vanuatu, 1996

    In May, 1996, Dianne Bray and Mark McGrouther of the Australian Museum, joined Jeff Williams and David Smith from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and Mark Westneat of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, on a five week trip to survey the fishes of the southern part of Vanuatu. We lived aboard the Vanuatu Fisheries vessel, MV Lewia, ably captained by Hendry Taiford, and were accompanied by Vanuatu Fisheries Biologist, Robert Jimmy.

    Prior to this trip, the fish fauna of Vanuatu's coral reefs had been poorly surveyed and our aim was to collect as many species, from as many different habitats as weather and time would allow. The majority of specimens were collected by scuba diving in water depths ranging from 1 m to 30 m.

    Part of this unique collection is now held in the Australian Museum Fish Collection.

  • Welcome to Fish Bits

    The 'Fish Bits' blog is updated weekly.  It will post information about current happenings in the Fish Section - who's visiting and accounts of any special events.  It will also list all the new species factsheets, weird and wonderful specimens and hopefully, news from the field.

  • Fish Gonads

    The gonads are the organs that produce sex cells.

  • Fish Dissections

    The dissections of two fishes are available as slide shows.

  • Australasian Fishes - observation upload guide


  • Flat fish flummoxes the fishos

    A larval flounder with a long projection on its snout made waves in the fish section.

  • Fish Dissection - Incision at anus


  • What is the fastest fish?

    Measuring the swimming speed of large fishes in the wild is extremely difficult.   Which species is the fastest?

  • BBC Life - Convict Fish footage

    Convict Fish dig extensive tunnel networks from which huge numbers of striped juveniles emerge. This spectacular footage from the BBC Life series showcases the species.

  • Fish Dissection - Pull aside gut


  • A Week of Fish: Piscean potpourri?

    Here is a summary of this week's fish action.

  • This Week in Fish: Mako magic

    What do you see in the image?  Interlocking vine leaves? Think again. These are the scales of a Mako Shark from the fish collection.

  • This week in Fish: Superstar Sunfish

    Another week of fishy fun.  Thank you everyone for your contributions.

  • Fish Fieldwork - Sydney Harbour, March 1998

    The Fish section spent a day in the field collecting fishes in Sydney Harbour in March 1998.

  • This week in Fish: Bridled Clingfish

    This week we feature a great movie clip of two Numbfish up close and personal.  Alan Williams from CSIRO Hobart visited to work on lanternfishes.  As usual there are plenty of new fish images.  Thanks to all.