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  • A new school of fish

    Well, I'm impressed!

  • Zoogeography of Australian fish species

    Australia has a remarkably rich fish fauna with many endemic species. The tables below provide some statistics.

  • Fish Fieldwork - Solomon Islands, 1998

    In September / October 1998, Dianne Bray and Mark McGrouther of the Australian Museum, joined Jeff Williams, Jerry Finan and Cheryl Thacker from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, Mark Westneat and Brad Wright of the Field Museum in Chicago, Randy Mooi of the Milwaukee Public Museum, and Maxson Tokopia and Leslie Palenga of Solomon Island Fisheries, on a five week trip to survey the fishes of the Santa Cruz Islands, Temotu Province, Solomon Islands.

    We lived aboard the MV Butai, a local vessel which usually carries passengers and cargo between Honiara, the capital, and Lata, the main town in the Temotu Province. During our stay in the Santa Cruz Islands, we worked at the Reef Islands, Duff Islands, Ndendo Island and Santa Cruz Island.

    We aimed to collect as many species of fishes from the region as possible, and to submit a list of small reef fishes of the region to Solomon Islands Fisheries.

    Prior to this trip, the fish fauna of this region had not been surveyed. The majority of specimens were collected by scuba diving in water depths ranging from 0.2 m to 30 m. Part of this unique collection is now held in the Australian Museum's Fish Collection.

  • The fish collection of Francis Day

    In 1883, one of the most impressive fish collections to be acquired by the Australian Museum was bought from Dr Francis Day for 200 pounds.

  • Fishes by habitat - sandy bottom fishes

    This gallery shows a selection of fishes that live in sandy habitats. Some of these fishes are burrowing dwelling species, others live above the substrate and others bury themselves in the sand.

  • This Week in Fish: Sharpnose Tuskfish anyone?

    Imagine this orange eel with the bright blue fangs of the Harlequin Tuskfish on the right.  What a great fish that would be!

  • This week in Fish: Far-flung fishes

    This week we added images of far-flung fish species; two surgeonfishes from Mauritius and a damselfish from Bali. Yes, I know this is the AUSTRALIAN Museum website, but these species also occur in Australia, so no excuse was needed. Thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the week.

  • This week in Fish: Grow a backbone!

    This week we feature an incredible piece of research on deepsea fishes that have flexible 'necks' that lack vertebrae.  Bizarre!  Four new movies were loaded, a bunch of images added, and a new image gallery for triggerfishes was compiled.

  • This week in Fish: Baby shark cannibals

    This week we feature an incredible image of a Warty Prowfish shooting out a cloud of presumably toxic fluid.  We see Port Jackson Sharks mating and talk about cannibalistic shark embryos. The 12 new fish movies complete the current series on wrasses.  Thank you as always to all contributors.

  • Old specimen jars from the fish collection


  • This week in Fish: Banded (not sliced) Cucumberfish

    This week we feature a rare Banded Cucumberfish that was caught at a depth of about 500 m. The species was only scientifically named in 2010. Thank you to Hal Epstein for sending images, then dropping the fish off at the museum.  Welcome also to Ghost Flathead researcher Yuki Nagano who is visiting this week.

  • This week in Fish: Hagfishes - masters of defence

    This week we show remarkable footage of hagfish using slime as a defence mechanism.  These fishes are also active hunters.  There are some great new images, plus the first sighting of 'the' undescribed anglerfish guarding its eggs.

  • This week in Fish: Vale - Dr Robert McDowall

    This week we celebrate the life of the late Robert (Bob) McDowall, a giant in the New Zealand fish world.  We follow a juvenile chimaera swimming more than 1200 m below the surface.  There are plenty of new images, including shots of a moray eel that lives in freshwater and the amusingly-named 'Velvet Leatherjacket'.  Thanks as always to everyone who contributed.

  • This week in Fish: Candiru and Slingjaw Wrasse

    This week we talk about the Candiru, a small fish that could give you big trouble.  You can watch the amazingly protrusible mouth of a Slingjaw Wrasse as it feeds and try to spot a newly settled Painted grinner buried in sand. Thank you as always to all our generous contributors!

  • This week in Fish: Spitting archerfish and 14 movies

    This week we show how an archerfish spits.  You can watch 14 new movies (thanks Kieren and Krystof) or view many new images, a selection of which are listed below (thanks Colin, Dave, Duncan and Vanessa).