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  • This week in Fish: Packing and interview

    It was packing week.  Amanda and Sally have worked hard to amass all the gear required for our upcoming trip to Timor Leste.  More on that topic to come.  Mark's interview with Radio Eastside is now online. As to 'fishy stuff', there was plenty of it.  Thank you all for your contributions.

  • This week in Fish: Shark in trouble

    It was a 'week of sharks'.  The highlight was the addition of some quite disturbing images of a White Shark being 'strangled' by a plastic packing strap.  Other less upsetting images, including two of Galapagos Sharks, were also added to the site.  Thank you as always to all of you who contributed and commented throughout the week.

  • Boxing dried fish type specimens, April 2005

    The Ichthyology Collection contains 39 dried fish type specimens that were previously stored in cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Staff of the Materials Materials Conservation Branch ran a program to improve the storage of these irreplaceable specimens.

  • A Giant Sawbelly from the Fish Collection


  • The cutting edge of the Amazonian knife fish

    Understanding species diversity in the Amazon, one electric fish at a time!

  • Fishes in the gut of a Checkered Snapper


  • A Week of Fish: 2013 Fish-mas Special

    Happy fishy festive season everyone! In addition to your normal weekly dose of fishes we present two movies from the fieldtrip archive.

  • A Week of Fish: That's a Moray

    Another week of fishes.  How can I find a common thread to tie this lot together?  I'm happy to take suggestions.

  • A Week of Fish: World's Ugliest Animal

    During the week Mr Blobby was voted the 'world's ugliest animal'.  I would like to set the record straight!

  • Do we influence how young fish find home?

    Human impacts on the ocean may go even further than you know, disrupting the ability of fish larvae to find their way to a safe habitat…

  • This week in Fish: Fish out of water

    This week we have something special for you. Our Chadwick Biodiversity Fellow Gina Cooke has returned from Mauritius where she took some fantastic fish photos and videos.  Thanks as always to everyone who contributed during the week.

  • Lizard Fish - The best part of every day

    Marine biologist Amanda Hay is on beautiful Lizard Island where she is conducting research into behaviour of larval fishes. Today, she writes about the daily highlights.

  • This week in Fish: More from the field

    This week Amanda Hay reports again from Lizard Island where she is doing fieldwork.  As usual, there are plenty of new images, a movie of a Whiptail with a parasitic problem and we welcome our new volunteer Morgan Crowcroft-Brown.

  • Which species of fish has the shortest lifespan?

    The Sign Eviota, Eviota sigillata, a tiny coral reef fish, completes its entire life cycle within an eight week period. This species has the shortest lifespan of any vertebrate.

  • Fish Fieldwork - Mindoro Island (Philippines), May - June 2000

    For five weeks during May and June 2000, Mark McGrouther and Kerryn Parkinson (Australian Museum), joined Jeff Williams and Jerry Finan (Smithsonian Institution), Mark Westneat and Jeff Janovetz (Field Museum, Chicago) and Kent Carpenter (Old Dominion University, Norfolk) on a survey of the marine fishes of Mindoro Island (Philippines).