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  • Bugwise for Schools

    Bugwise for schools brings the world of invertebrates to your students, engaging them in real science in local environments. Find out what insects and spiders you are sharing your schools with and why they are vitally important to a healthy planet.

  • BugWise - A teacher's perspective


  • Welcome to BugWise Backchat

    Welcome to Bugwise Backchat where you can be part of the science that happens at the Australian Museum. Help us be Bugwise by telling us what you’ve found, asking us questions about the world of invertebrates and sharing your stories from investigations using Bugwise tools.

  • BugWise and new technologies

    How can BugWise take advantage of all the great new technology available today? Would BugWise on a smart phone application be useful? or a Twitter account to Tweet your results? We are looking for new ways to make BugWise accessible and exciting.

  • Bugwise: Do it yourself field studies

    Use our toolkits and guides to investigate invertebrates in your own school or local area.

  • Bugwise Invertebrate Guide

    Use this at-a-glance Bugwise Invertebrate Guide to identify insects, spiders and other invertebrates. Designed to help people who need to identify terrestrial (land) invertebrates, it provides illustrations with notes on behaviour and common misidentifications for each invertebrate group. This added information may allow identification of invertebrate groups without the need to collect them. The guide deals with common invertebrate groups found on land, as well as some of the lesser encountered groups such as web spinners and stylops. This is based on the print guide prepared by Australian Museum staff working on invertebrate behaviour, taxonomy and ecology.

  • Bugwise - virtual experiences

    Bugwise session were part of the Learning for Sustainability Video Conference Festival in June 2011

  • Bugwise resources

    Share information on Bugwise with your students or other teachers with one simple link.

  • BugWise for Schools launch

    This is a timely first blog post for me. Thursday 22nd April sees the launch of Bugwise for Schools. it will be the culmination of two major projects for investigating invertebrates - Web2spider and Plant2pollinator.

  • Colder, wetter weather and BugWise

    The onset of wetter, colder weather has made for a great opportunity to look at how climate influences our invertebrate biodiversity!

  • Bugwise for Schools - a new perspective

    An internship in science communication at the Australian Museum has provided an exciting twist on science.

  • Bugwise for schools syllabus links

    Bugwise can help your school fulfill many of the criteria of your School Environment Management Plan (SEMP), curriculum-integrated environmental education objectives and the outcomes and objectives of the Science syllabi (Stages 1 to 6).

  • Final Report for BugWise Outreach '07 Report to the Coal & Allied Community Trust


  • Final Report for BugWise Outreach Program Report to the NSW Environmental Trust 2006/EG/0005


  • Bugwise for Schools is coming

    On 22 April we will be launching the Bugwise for Schools. Offering free online tools for exploring the environment and engaging in scientific practice with your class, here's how some of the many schools who helped us develop the toolkits have used Bugwise in their classroom - How will you?