Scientist for a Day inspires young scientists

Scientist for a Day saw dozens of budding young scientists visit the Australian Museum for Marine Worlds and Urban Explorer.  

As the Museum doors opened on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of January, an excited group of budding young marine scientists joined us for ‘Scientist for a Day – Marine Worlds’. Together we learnt about what marine scientists do and then our visitors got to try out being a marine biologist with a rather smelly squid dissection! Using some very cool technology, our new marine detectives investigated a variety of the secret weapons that marine animals use and experienced being taxonomists by identifying some Balmain bug species! We also got to see some very special parts of the marine collection in a behind-the-scenes tour.

With the sun shining down on Monday the 18th, we welcomed some young entomology enthusiasts for ‘Scientist for a Day – Urban Explorer’. We investigated the spider community of Hyde Park, by finding and identifying webs. Sorting through leaf litter to find and categorise the insects we found helped our young scientists realise that there are many types of life living under our feet, we just need to notice them! For those interested in the tiny spider that was found, our arachnologist identified it as a mature female Ostearius melanopygius. We saw some amazing pinned insects on a behind-the-scenes tour and also got to hold and draw some live stick insects.

If you were a participant in Scientist for a Day, please comment on this story and share what you learnt!

The Australian Museum runs Scientist for a Day programs for 8-12 year olds during selected school holidays, so stay tuned for details of the next adventure.

Ellen McCormack , Operations Coordinator
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