Science Strategy

 Our Science Strategy guides the research programs undertaken at the Australian Museum by scientists from Australia and abroad. 

Part of the Fish Collection

Part of the Fish Collection
Photographer: Jason Armstrong © Australian Museum

Australian Museum Science Strategy


The Australian Museum is unique in its ability to provide first class research outcomes via its unparalleled long term collections and its commitment to community engagement. We will build on key strengths that enable us to ‘make a difference’ while enhancing our reputation as a ‘trusted adviser and partner’.

Our research will continue to:

• inspire the next generation of Australians in scientific approaches to understanding the natural world;
• serve as guardians of our environmental heritage; and
• provide vital knowledge for policy setting, strategic planning and environmental decision-making.


We are committed to investigating the long term processes that have generated modern biological and geological diversity to better understand what will influence sustainability in the future.

We will continue to prioritise our research to build on our unique strengths and maintain expertise in these priority areas.

In other areas we will work to complement expertise in other museums, government research organizations and universities in Australia and internationally.

We will build and improve on our world class facilities in biodiversity conservation, based on our DNA work at the Centre for Wildlife Genomics together with scientific imaging at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, to inform policy and strategic planning in relation to biodiversity, including:

1. animal conservation,
2. management of invasive pest species,
3. assessment of the impacts of environmental change and
4. sustainable use of Australia’s biodiversity.
We will further develop web-based repositories of molecular information, environmental data and species distributions to make our collections accessible so that we can inform, influence and inspire the people of the State, the Nation and the world.

Recognising the strengths of our vital science communication roles, we will support and expand 'citizen science' programs to boost engagement with our science in priority areas.

Maxine Kauter , Program Coordinator
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