Science Direct: Simon Roz

Simon Roz works for Greenpeace as a Climate and Energy campaigner. He is one of our featured experts on Climate Change.

General/personal questions:

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Well like a lot of people it took me a while to work that one out. But I’ve always liked working with people.
  2. The idea/s that changed my life was/were… my parents and their friends were passionate anti-war and public education advocates, so I think their socioeconomic activism rubbed off on me .
  3. I’m always being asked about… what Greenpeace does, who we are and what my job title means. There’s lots of misconceptions about Greenpeace, so I’m always happy to clear those up.
  4. My worst job has been… as a kid I worked for a few weeks on a turkey farm – it was gruesome.
  5. I often wonder… what people are thinking when they conduct themselves in a manner that suggests they have no consideration for things other than profits.
  6. I hope that…the renewable energy revolution we have to have, also brings about a new consideration for people, other species and future generations.
  7. The best thing about my job is… I get paid to do something that I love doing
  8. The hardest thing about my job is… Its hard not getting too emotionally involved with what your doing

Climate change specific questions:

  1. What I would say to climate change skeptics is… if 2,000 doctors said you had a terrible disease and that you should treat it, and 2 said you didn’t and should take no treatment, who would you think is most likely right?
  2. What I would say to you about what you can do about climate change is… find something that isn’t happening that you feel passionate about, and spend a small amount of time trying to get the result you want. Collectively, all of our efforts will add up.
  3. What I think Australia can do is…Just follow the scientist’s advice. 

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