Scarinae - Parrotfishes

The parrotfishes were previously classified in the family Scaridae.  They are now regarded as a subfamily (Scarinae) in the family Labridae,

Head of a Steephead Parrotfish photographed at night

Head of a Steephead Parrotfish photographed at night
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

Bolbometopon muricatum Bumphead Parrotfish
Chlorurus microrhinos Steephead Parrotfish
Chlorurus rhakoura Raggedfin Parrotfish
Chlorurus sordidus Greenfin Parrotfish
Hipposcarus longiceps Pacific Longnose Parrotfish
Leptoscarus vaigiensis Blue-spotted Parrotfish
Scarus altipinnis Mini-fin Parrotfish
Scarus flavipectoralis Yellowfin Parrotfish
Scarus forsteni Whitespot Parrotfish
Scarus frenatus Bridled Parrotfish
Scarus ghobban Bluebarred Parrotfish
Scarus niger Swarthy Parrotfish
Scarus prasiognathos Greencheek Parrotfish
Scarus quoyi Greenblotch Parrotfish
Scarus rivulatus Surf Parrotfish


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