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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Terrestrial arthropods of Fiji Dan Bickel 2005
Revisions of Australian Dolichopodidae -various genera Dan Bickel 2009
Conodont biostratigraphy and reconstruction of Ordovician palaeobiology Yong Yi Zhen 2007
Australasian forest spider fauna Helen Smith, Mike Gray 1996
Web based modeling of biodiversity distribution in terrestrial environments for conservation planning Paul Flemons, Ajay Ranipeta, Michael Elliott, Mick Ashcroft 2008
Circum-Australian Amphipod Project (CAAP) Jim Lowry, Lauren Hughes 2007
The role of eucalypt plantations in biodiversity conservation Richard Major 2005
Phylogenetic diversity and conservation Dan Faith 2008
Integrating museum data to produce more effective biodiversity models and predictions, including those for climate change impacts Dan Faith 2006
Conservation planning for key biodiversity regions, including Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia Dan Faith 2006
Insect plant linkages in eastern Australia: A new phylogenetic framework for estimating local, regional, and global biodiversity Dan Faith 2006
Larval-fish ecology - connectivity and biodiversity in coral reef systems Jeff Leis 2009
Temporal and distributional patterns of terrestrial arthropods in the Pilbara region of Western Australia John Gollan, Mick Ashcroft, Dan Faith, Scott Ginn 2004
The taxonomy of the Christmas Island shrew Mark Eldridge, Rebecca Johnson 2007
Larval-fish ecology – on larval-fish orientation Jeff Leis, Michelle Yerman 2005
Phylogeny and Biodiversity of Terebellidae Pat Hutchings 2008
Global diversity and evolution of Vermetidae worm-snails Rosemary Golding 2010
Land snail diversity in Timor-Leste: Implications for conservation management Frank Köhler 2011
New Literacy, New Audiences Lynda Kelly 2005 2008
Fine-scale climate data collection in the Hunter Valley Mick Ashcroft, John Gollan 2009 2010