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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Bioerosion of coral substrates Pat Hutchings 2010
Axes, Exchange, Social Change: New Perspectives on Australian Hunter-Gatherers. Val Attenbrow 2008
Australia’s land snail hotspot: Evolution and Systematics of the Kimberley Camaenidae Frank Köhler 2011 2014
Australia’s Desert Snails: Systematics and Evolution of the Camaenidae in arid Australia Frank Köhler 2013 2016
Australasian forest spider fauna Helen Smith, Mike Gray 1996
Assessment of hill-topping sites for butterflies in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority David Britton, Scott Ginn 2007
Are some fan-worms (Sabellidae: Polychaeta) cryptic or introduced species? Pat Hutchings, Rebecca Johnson, Maria Capa 2009
Application of Raman spectroscopy to sourcing and identification of microscopic residues for obsidian stone tools Robin Torrence 2006
Ancient obsidian exchange in Far East Russia Robin Torrence 2004
Accelerating amphibian conservation in Indo-Burma Jodi Rowley 2008
Aboriginal trade and exchange in eastern New South Wales – non-destructive provenancing by PXRF (Portable X-Ray Fluorescence) of basalt ground-edged hatchets Val Attenbrow 2008
A review of the genera of Australian cicadas Max Moulds 1999
A DNA library for the New Caledonian lizard fauna Ross Sadlier 2003
A conservation assessment of the New Caledonian lizard fauna Ross Sadlier 2007