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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Impact of natural disasters on cultural change with special reference to West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Robin Torrence 1998
Indigenous agency and museum collections Robin Torrence 2007
Application of Raman spectroscopy to sourcing and identification of microscopic residues for obsidian stone tools Robin Torrence 2006
Tracing the diversity of stone tools assemblages in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Robin Torrence 2000
Ancient obsidian exchange in Far East Russia Robin Torrence 2004
Introduced marine pests and their taxonomy Pat Hutchings 2008
Ecology of a recently discovered exotic bee in Australia John Gollan, Mick Ashcroft, Michael Batley 2008
Bioerosion of coral substrates Pat Hutchings 2010
Virtual Museum of the Pacific (VMP) Vinod Daniel , Dion Peita 2008
Aboriginal trade and exchange in eastern New South Wales – non-destructive provenancing by PXRF (Portable X-Ray Fluorescence) of basalt ground-edged hatchets Val Attenbrow 2008
Land snail diversity in Timor-Leste: Implications for conservation management Frank Köhler 2011
The genomics of habitat transitions in molluscs Don Colgan 2008
Defining evolutionary stability in south-eastern Australian marine and estuarine Mollusca Don Colgan 2006
Morphological and molecular investigations of the Southern Hemisphere land snail family Charopidae Don Colgan, Michael Shea 2007