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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Australia’s Desert Snails: Systematics and Evolution of the Camaenidae in arid Australia Frank Köhler 2013 2016
Australia’s land snail hotspot: Evolution and Systematics of the Kimberley Camaenidae Frank Köhler 2011 2014
Documenting a radiation of camaenid land snails in the Victoria River District, NT Frank Köhler 2010 2013
Collecting Balinese Art: the Forge Collection of Balinese Paintings at the Australian Museum Stan Florek 2009 2012
The String Figures of Yirrkala Stan Florek 2008 2011
Measuring the Value of Mobile Applications Lynda Kelly 2010 2011
Fine-scale climate data collection in the Hunter Valley Mick Ashcroft, John Gollan 2009 2010
Illustrated keys to the lanternfishes (Myctophidae) from Australian territorial waters John Paxton 1970 2010
Engaging with Social Media in Museums Lynda Kelly 2008 2010
New Literacy, New Audiences Lynda Kelly 2005 2008
Listening to young children in museum spaces Lynda Kelly, Sarah Main 2006 2008
Systematics and taxonomy of the kangaroo beetles (Sagrinae) Chris Reid 2005 2007
Ecology Of The Pelagic Larvae Of Coral Reef Fishes Jeff Leis, Brooke Carson-Ewart, Amanda Hay 1995 2002
Cape York Amber fauna - insect inclusions and origins Dan Bickel 2008
Terrestrial arthropods of Fiji Dan Bickel 2005
Revisions of Australian Dolichopodidae -various genera Dan Bickel 2009
Description and systematics of Australian Tertiary avifauna Walter Boles 1989
Systematics and biogeography of Australo-Pacific avifauna (ABRS) Walter Boles 2006
Assessment of hill-topping sites for butterflies in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority David Britton, Scott Ginn 2007
Systematics and biology of Australian hawk moths (Sphingidae) Max S. Moulds, J.P. Tuttle 2000
Systematics and biogeography of Australian cicadas (Cicadettini) and their relatives worldwide Max Moulds 2006
Systematics of Australian leaf-beetles (Chrysomelinae) Chris Reid 2004
The systematics of Australian comb-footed spiders Helen Smith 2007
Conodont biostratigraphy and reconstruction of Ordovician palaeobiology Yong Yi Zhen 2007
Revision of Australian lichen moths David Britton 2003
Deep sea whalefishes (Cetomimidae): ontogeny, morphology, biology and relationships John Paxton 2002
A review of the genera of Australian cicadas Max Moulds 1999
Australasian forest spider fauna Helen Smith, Mike Gray 1996
Insect damage to fruit of endangered Lilly Pillies (Syzgium sp.) and an endangered Quassia species David Britton 2005
Web based modeling of biodiversity distribution in terrestrial environments for conservation planning Paul Flemons, Ajay Ranipeta, Michael Elliott, Mick Ashcroft 2008