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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Identity-based personalised mobile content Lynda Kelly, Michael Harvey 2009
Fine-scale climate data collection in the Hunter Valley Mick Ashcroft, John Gollan 2009 2010
Are some fan-worms (Sabellidae: Polychaeta) cryptic or introduced species? Pat Hutchings, Rebecca Johnson, Maria Capa 2009
Polychaete fauna of coral reefs: morphological and molecular characterisation and keys to species Pat Hutchings, Maria Capa 2009
Evolution and diversity of Australasian mudflat snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Amphiboloidea) Rosemary Golding, Don Colgan, Winston Ponder 2009
Collecting Balinese Art: the Forge Collection of Balinese Paintings at the Australian Museum Stan Florek 2009 2012
Documenting a radiation of camaenid land snails in the Victoria River District, NT Frank Köhler 2010 2013
Global diversity and evolution of Vermetidae worm-snails Rosemary Golding 2010
Bioerosion of coral substrates Pat Hutchings 2010
Measuring the Value of Mobile Applications Lynda Kelly 2010 2011
Hidden gastropod diversity in tropical Australian estuaries: A systematic revision of Australian Stenothyridae, Iravadiidae and Calopiidae Rosemary Golding, Winston Ponder 2011
Australia’s land snail hotspot: Evolution and Systematics of the Kimberley Camaenidae Frank Köhler 2011 2014
Land snail diversity in Timor-Leste: Implications for conservation management Frank Köhler 2011
Australia’s Desert Snails: Systematics and Evolution of the Camaenidae in arid Australia Frank Köhler 2013 2016