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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Characterisation of the marsupial Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Mark Eldridge 2006
Ecology of Australian White Ibis2 Richard Major 2006
Ecology of Australian White Ibis Richard Major 2006
Residue analysis of mortars and pestles from Papua New Guinea Robin Torrence 2006
Listening to young children in museum spaces Lynda Kelly, Sarah Main 2006 2008
Application of Raman spectroscopy to sourcing and identification of microscopic residues for obsidian stone tools Robin Torrence 2006
Defining evolutionary stability in south-eastern Australian marine and estuarine Mollusca Don Colgan 2006
Terrestrial arthropods of Fiji Dan Bickel 2005
Insect damage to fruit of endangered Lilly Pillies (Syzgium sp.) and an endangered Quassia species David Britton 2005
The role of eucalypt plantations in biodiversity conservation Richard Major 2005
Review of the scaleworm polychaetes (Acoetidae) of the Australasian region Anna Murray, Pat Hutchings 2005
New Australian mineral species Ross Pogson 2005
Systematics and taxonomy of the kangaroo beetles (Sagrinae) Chris Reid 2005 2007
Insect damage to fruit of endangered Lilly Pillies (Syzgium sp.) and an endangered Quassia species David Britton 2005
New Literacy, New Audiences Lynda Kelly 2005 2008
Larval-fish ecology – on larval-fish orientation Jeff Leis, Michelle Yerman 2005
Systematics of Australian leaf-beetles (Chrysomelinae) Chris Reid 2004
Temporal and distributional patterns of terrestrial arthropods in the Pilbara region of Western Australia John Gollan, Mick Ashcroft, Dan Faith, Scott Ginn 2004
Ancient obsidian exchange in Far East Russia Robin Torrence 2004
Revision of Australian lichen moths David Britton 2003
A DNA library for the New Caledonian lizard fauna Ross Sadlier 2003
Deep sea whalefishes (Cetomimidae): ontogeny, morphology, biology and relationships John Paxton 2002
Exhibitions as Contested Sites Lynda Kelly 2002
Triggers for continued volcanism along the Australian-Antarctican plates Lin Sutherland, Ross Pogson 2001
Systematics and biology of Australian hawk moths (Sphingidae) Max S. Moulds, J.P. Tuttle 2000
New Caledonian leaf beetles Chris Reid 2000
Tracing the diversity of stone tools assemblages in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Robin Torrence 2000
A review of the genera of Australian cicadas Max Moulds 1999
Taxonomy of fish larvae occurring in New South Wales Jeff Leis, Amanda Hay 1999
Distribution, origin and mineralogy of cave formations at Jenolan Caves, New South Wales Ross Pogson 1998