Research projects finder

Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Molecular systematics of New Guinean macropodids Mark Eldridge 2007
The taxonomy of the Christmas Island shrew Mark Eldridge, Rebecca Johnson 2007
Evolutionary and conservation genetics of marsupials Mark Eldridge 2007
Historical changes in the birds of Sydney Richard Major 2007
Larval-fish and adult systematics of the percoid fish genera Lobotes, Hapalogenys and Datnioides Jeff Leis 2007
Evolution of technology and tool use in 10,000 years of Aboriginal prehistory Val Attenbrow 2007
Indigenous agency and museum collections Robin Torrence 2007
Morphological and molecular investigations of the Southern Hemisphere land snail family Charopidae Don Colgan, Michael Shea 2007
Cape York Amber fauna - insect inclusions and origins Dan Bickel 2008
Web based modeling of biodiversity distribution in terrestrial environments for conservation planning Paul Flemons, Ajay Ranipeta, Michael Elliott, Mick Ashcroft 2008
The Australian Lysianassoid Amphipod Project Jim Lowry, Helen Stoddart 2008
Phylogenetic diversity and conservation Dan Faith 2008
Understanding Balinese paintings: collections, narrative, aesthetics and society Dion Peita, Vinod Daniel 2008
Gastropod microanatomy and 3D reconstruction Rosemary Golding, Winston Ponder 2008
Accelerating amphibian conservation in Indo-Burma Jodi Rowley 2008
Conservation of the White-fronted Chat, a declining species from threatened saltmarsh habitat Richard Major, Rebecca Johnson 2008
Systematics and phylogeny of Sabellida (Polychaeta) Pat Hutchings, Maria Capa 2008
Axes, Exchange, Social Change: New Perspectives on Australian Hunter-Gatherers. Val Attenbrow 2008
Phylogeny and Biodiversity of Terebellidae Pat Hutchings 2008
Introduced marine pests and their taxonomy Pat Hutchings 2008
Ecology of a recently discovered exotic bee in Australia John Gollan, Mick Ashcroft, Michael Batley 2008
The String Figures of Yirrkala Stan Florek 2008 2011
Virtual Museum of the Pacific (VMP) Vinod Daniel , Dion Peita 2008
Aboriginal trade and exchange in eastern New South Wales – non-destructive provenancing by PXRF (Portable X-Ray Fluorescence) of basalt ground-edged hatchets Val Attenbrow 2008
Engaging with Social Media in Museums Lynda Kelly 2008 2010
The genomics of habitat transitions in molluscs Don Colgan 2008
Revisions of Australian Dolichopodidae -various genera Dan Bickel 2009
Sorting and classification of the Lightning Ridge opalised fossil collection Anne Musser, Robert Jones 2009
Larval-fish ecology - connectivity and biodiversity in coral reef systems Jeff Leis 2009
Taxonomy of Australian Cirolanidae (Crustacea: Isopoda) from Australian Museum collections Stephen Keable 2009