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Title Investigators Start Year Completion Year
Ecology Of The Pelagic Larvae Of Coral Reef Fishes Jeff Leis, Brooke Carson-Ewart, Amanda Hay 1995 2002
Engaging with Social Media in Museums Lynda Kelly 2008 2010
Evolution and diversity of Australasian mudflat snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Amphiboloidea) Rosemary Golding, Don Colgan, Winston Ponder 2009
Evolution of technology and tool use in 10,000 years of Aboriginal prehistory Val Attenbrow 2007
Evolutionary and conservation genetics of marsupials Mark Eldridge 2007
Exhibitions as Contested Sites Lynda Kelly 2002
Fine-scale climate data collection in the Hunter Valley Mick Ashcroft, John Gollan 2009 2010
Gastropod microanatomy and 3D reconstruction Rosemary Golding, Winston Ponder 2008
Gemstone origins along Australian and Asian Pacific margins Lin Sutherland, Gayle Webb, Larry Barron 1996
Global diversity and evolution of Vermetidae worm-snails Rosemary Golding 2010
Hidden gastropod diversity in tropical Australian estuaries: A systematic revision of Australian Stenothyridae, Iravadiidae and Calopiidae Rosemary Golding, Winston Ponder 2011
Historical changes in the birds of Sydney Richard Major 2007
Identity-based personalised mobile content Lynda Kelly, Michael Harvey 2009
Illustrated keys to the lanternfishes (Myctophidae) from Australian territorial waters John Paxton 1970 2010
Impact of natural disasters on cultural change with special reference to West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Robin Torrence 1998
Indigenous agency and museum collections Robin Torrence 2007
Insect damage to fruit of endangered Lilly Pillies (Syzgium sp.) and an endangered Quassia species David Britton 2005
Insect damage to fruit of endangered Lilly Pillies (Syzgium sp.) and an endangered Quassia species David Britton 2005
Insect plant linkages in eastern Australia: A new phylogenetic framework for estimating local, regional, and global biodiversity Dan Faith 2006
Integrating museum data to produce more effective biodiversity models and predictions, including those for climate change impacts Dan Faith 2006
Introduced marine pests and their taxonomy Pat Hutchings 2008
Investigations of Australian web-building spiders Helen Smith, John Gollan 1998
Land snail diversity in Timor-Leste: Implications for conservation management Frank Köhler 2011
Landscape evolution in central-eastern New South Wales Lin Sutherland, Ross Pogson, Larry Barron 1996
Larval-fish and adult systematics of the percoid fish genera Lobotes, Hapalogenys and Datnioides Jeff Leis 2007
Larval-fish ecology - behaviour in relation to dispersal Jeff Leis 1995
Larval-fish ecology - connectivity and biodiversity in coral reef systems Jeff Leis 2009
Larval-fish ecology - effects of climate change on connectivity in coral reef systems Jeff Leis 2007
Larval-fish ecology – on larval-fish orientation Jeff Leis, Michelle Yerman 2005
Larval-fish ecology- biophysical dispersal model for the Great Barrier Reef Jeff Leis 2007