Research project: Triggers for continued volcanism along the Australian-Antarctican plates


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Museum investigators

  • Lin Sutherland
  • Ross Pogson

External investigators

  • Ian Graham, University New South Wales
  • Julian Hollis, Trentham VIC

Funded by

  • Australian Museum


The youngest volcanic eruptions in mainland Australia were witnessed by Aboriginal people, while similar volcanoes remain active along the Ross Sea margin and Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica. The Australian pattern is being studied to understand the volcanic triggers that lie under the young lava fields. The patterns are monitored by compiling age dates and tracing plate movements over suspected deep magma sources. These are being used to predict probable areas for forthcoming eruptions.

The present studies focus on the central-western Victorian area, on the last phases of hotspot chambers. The final synthesis will generate a model for triggering such volcanoes throughout the Australian-Antarctic belts.

Lin Sutherland
Ross Pogson
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