Research project: The Australian Lysianassoid Amphipod Project


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  • Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)


The Australian lysianassoid amphipod fauna is the most diverse of any Australian amphipod group. They occupy more niches than other amphipod groups and are important scavengers, particularly in southern temperate Australia and the deep seas around our coasts.

The aim of this project is to describe the lysianassoid amphipod fauna of Australia. There are approximately 800 species of lysianassoid amphipods described in the world oceans. In Australian waters there are currently 100 described species, but we have about 170 undescribed species in our collections.

We are currently describing these species and fitting them into a family level classification that we have developed. The description of this fauna will give us much new information about the scavenging fauna of Australian seas, information of use particularly in trap fisheries.

Dr Jim Lowry , Principal Research Scientist
Helen Stoddart , Scientific Officer
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