Research project: Measuring the Value of Mobile Applications


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Museum investigators

  • Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research

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What are the perceived values of mobile applications for users? What kind of value measures should we be using for mobile applications and how can we combine both “action” outcomes (e.g. posting something, shares and likes to other social media sites) to more qualitative outcomes and social measures? Coupled with this is the educational and learning outcomes of specific mobile applications and how can these be measured? This project will investigate these issues on order to develop potential models and frameworks that will enable developers to provide better products that have long-term value for users.

Project Leaders:
Dr Lynda Kelly, Head of Web and Audience Research, Australian Museum
Dr Dian Tjondronegoro, Head of Mobile Lab, QUT

Project Partners / Potential Partners:
Fairfax Digital
Australian Museum
Powerhouse Museum
Botanic Gardens Trust
NSW Government (GCIO)

A presentation about the project can be found here.

Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research
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