Research project: Insect plant linkages in eastern Australia: A new phylogenetic framework for estimating local, regional, and global biodiversity


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Museum investigators

  • Dr Dan Faith , Senior Principal Research Scientist email:danfaith8[at]

External investigators

  • Prof AJ Beattie, Macquarie University
  • Dr LA Hughes, Macquarie University
  • Prof RL Kitching, Griffith University

Funded by

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (ARC), Macquarie University


Australia is one of the 12 megadiverse countries that together account for 75% of global biodiversity. Invertebrates comprise the single largest component of biodiversity. The Australian invertebrate fauna is poorly known and therefore most conservation planning takes place in the absence of knowledge about the group that contributes most to biodiversity.

This project will provide novel methods for estimating invertebrate species richness for conservation planning as well as contributing to the important debate about the magnitude and distribution of global biodiversity.

Dr Dan Faith , Senior Principal Research Scientist email:danfaith8[at]
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