Research project: Engaging with Social Media in Museums


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  • Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research

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Social media such as blogs, wikis and digital stories facilitate knowledge exchange through social networking. Such media create a new forum within which dispersed audiences can engage with museums to debate notions of identity, and voice these reflections online. With leading museums from Australia and the USA, Engaging with Social Media in Museums will:

  1. Investigate innovative connections to social media networks by museums, through digital content, multimedia design and communication strategies.
  2. Advance creative engagement between museums and learners, information searchers and content creators.
  3. Lead debate within museums through reference to design, audience evaluation and cultural communication

This project will prototype the use of social media in museums to produce a new source of high-quality cultural information, and link regional, rural and international users with city-based institutions. It implements National Research Priority Frontier Technologies for Building and Transforming Australian Industries: promoting an innovation culture and economy and smart information use.

The Australian museum sector is undergoing a period of substantial change in response to policy and technology initiatives, yet little formal collaboration exists between museums and researchers. This project brings together the Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum and Musuem Victoria, along with the Smithsonian Institution, one of the world's foremost cultural institutions.

Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research
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