Research project: Conodont biostratigraphy and reconstruction of Ordovician palaeobiology


Start date:

Museum investigators

  • Dr Yong Yi Zhen , Acting Collection Manager, Palaeontology

External investigators

  • Barry Webby, Macquarie University
  • Ian Percival, Geological Survey of New South Wales
  • Robert Nicoll, Australian National University
  • Clive Burrett, University of Tasmania
  • Yuandong Zhang, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Zhiyi Zhou, Chinese Academy of Science


As part of our long term objective to establish Ordovician conodont zonal schemes within Australasia, the proposed project for 2009 to 2012 aims to document several important conodont faunas from Australia and China, including Late Ordovician faunas from Queensland (the Fork Lagoons Beds, Emerald area, central Queensland, and the Carriers Well Formation and other Upper Ordovician units in the Broken River region of north Queensland), Late Ordovician faunas from Tasmania, latest Cambrian to Early Ordovician fauna from western New South Wales, and Early-Middle Ordovician faunas from Canning Basin of Western Australia, South China and Tarim.

Our project will provide new data about conodont biostratigraphy and fill crucial gaps in the Ordovician conodont biostratigraphic successions of Australia. Together with other conodont data from New South Wales, Tasmania, New Zealand and China, studies of these faunas will enable a better understanding of conodont biofacies, and the Ordovician biogeography of north-east Gondwana and adjacent regions.

Dr Yong Yi Zhen , Acting Collection Manager, Palaeontology
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