Research project: Australia’s Desert Snails: Systematics and Evolution of the Camaenidae in arid Australia


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The objective is to resolve the evolutionary relationships of camaenids from arid central to southern Australia, from species to family level. Based mainly on available museum material, we combine traditional taxonomy with the latest advancement in molecular biology, complementing morphological with genomic data to address the systematics and biogeography of the Australian Camaenid radiation. Specifically, the project aims to 

(1) to infer phylogenetic relationships and taxon limits in camaenids from central Australia,

(2) to revise their taxonomy and describe newly discovered species,

(3) to reconstruct a robust phylogenetic framework for all Australian Camaenidae based on phylogenomic data, 

(4) to assess the spatial patterns of diversity and endemism on a continental scale,

(5) to address the evolutionary processes underpinning the camaenid radiation,

(6) facilitate a more detailed understanding of the significance of past and future environmental change to camaenid diversification,

(6) inform conservation planning and management.

Dr Frank Köhler , Senior Research Scientist
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