Research project: A conservation assessment of the New Caledonian lizard fauna


Start date:

Museum investigators

  • Ross Sadlier , Collection Manager, Herpetology

External investigators

  • Aaron Bauer, Villanova University, USA

Funded by

  • National Government of New Caledonia


The lizard fauna of New Caledonia is characterized by exceptionally high levels of regional and local endemism, but is facing an array of threats in the face of increased development.

This project was funded by the New Caledonian National Government to translate and update conservation assessments of the highly endemic New Caledonian lizard fauna. It provides approximately 80 individual accounts listing the distribution and perceived threats faced by each species, and assigns a conservation status based on modified IUCN criteria that are applicable for the scale of the island.

Ross Sadlier , Collection Manager, Herpetology
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