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These are some interesting blogs, managed by the Australian Museum. They give you quick and easy access to news by our research scientists, and you also can participate - join the discoveries & discussions.

Research Scientist Profile Finder

Research Scientist Profile Finder
Photographer: Martin Pueschel © Martin Pueschel

Our Favourites:

Science Bytes

Read about recent highlights of our research at the Australian Museum.

Fish Bits

Photos, visitors, weird and wonderful specimens, news from the field.

Life at Lizard

What's going on at Lizard Island Research Station?

What else?

Editorials and Opinions

Climate change, cultural heritage, living communities, evolution, sustainability - have your say.

Cut the Carbon

Parrys Raines on climate change and simple ways to make a difference.

Search & Discover

See what’s happening in S&D - the Museum's information and resource centre.

BugWise Backchat

Help us be Bugwise, report findings, ask questions and share stories.


Mr Martin Pueschel , Scientific Illustrator
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