Museum research related climate change

The Australian Museum, like other natural and cultural history institutions, plays a vital role in climate change research.

We don’t research the causes or direct evidence of climate change, but focus on developing an understanding of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and how best to implement conservation strategies for those ecosystems and species that will be impacted.

Research includes:

  • assessing climate change impacts on species, including species unknown to science
  • identifying changes in the distribution of species and ecosystems caused by climate change, and attempting to predict how distributions will change in the future
  • understanding climate-related environmental alterations and their ecological consequences for various ecosystems
  • investigating impacts of past climatic changes on biodiversity in order to increase our ability to predict some of the impacts of current climate change
  • evaluating the role of urban environments as ecological refuges in times of decreasing water availability
  • documenting the effects of climate change on human populations and cultures

You can read more about specific research done at the Museum by looking at Research Projects and Research Scientists.

Fran Dorey , Exhibition Project Coordinator
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