Animal Species:Red Triangle Slug

This native slug is probably the best known and one of the most spectacular slugs in Sydney gardens.

Red Triangle Slug #4

Red Triangle Slug #4
Photographer: Rostislav Joukoff  © Rostislav Joukoff

Standard Common Name

Red Triangle Slug


The Red Triangle Slug is Australia's largest native land slug. The distinctive red triangle on its back contains the breathing pore.

Size range

14 cm


East coast of Australia: Queensland, New South Wales.


Red Triangle Slugs are found in urban areas, forests and woodlands and heath.

Feeding and Diet

The Red Triangle Slug is usually found grazing on microscopic algae growing on the surface of smooth-barked eucalypt trees, leaving behind scalloped tracks as it goes. If given the chance, it will also remove bathroom mould.

Other behaviours and adaptations

Native slugs can be differentiated from introduced slugs because they have only one pair of tentacles, while introduced snails and slugs have two pairs. Also, the saddle-shaped mantle seen in introduced snails is reduced or absent in native snails and slugs.



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Cedric Wade - 9.02 PM, 26 February 2012
Not far from Kenilworth at Mapleton. Our red triangle snails are clear honey coloured and so tough you can step on them without aparent harm. [IMG][/IMG] and [IMG][/IMG]
Meegziee - 10.02 PM, 03 February 2012
I just found on my front door step and I live in enoggera, Brisbane :-) they are beautiful slugs
Endeavour - 6.12 PM, 26 December 2011
Just found three in our garden, near Coffs Harbour (mid nth coast NSW). Pale grey colour, with pink-red markings.
davex - 8.08 PM, 27 August 2011
Just saw two of these amazing creatures in my backyard in Nundah, Brisbane. August 2011
crazyhorse - 11.03 AM, 05 March 2011
Hi ,yeah just discovered a pair of these in our garden,after all this rain,except these two are white not black..Live at kenilworth qld. rgds john

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