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2011 Mason, R. A; Browning, T. L; Eldridge, M. D. B. 2011. Reduced MHC class II diversity in island compared to mainland populations of the black-footed rock-wallaby (Petrogale lateralis lateralis) Conservation Genetics . 12. (1): 91-103.  
2008 Mason, R. A. B; Cooke, J; Moles, A. T; Leishman, M. R. 2008. Reproductive output of invasive versus native plants Global Ecology and Biogeography. 17. 633–640.  
2008 Ponder, W. F; Wilke, T; Zhang, W-H; Golding, R. E; Fukuda, H; Mason, R. A. B. 2008. Edgbastonia alanwillsi n. gen & n. sp. (Tateinae: Hydrobiidae s.l.: Rissooidea: Caenogastropoda); a snail from an artesian spring group in western Queensland, Australia, convergent with some Asian Amnicolidae Molluscan Research. 28. (2): 89-106.