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2012 Ashcroft, M. B; Gollan, J. R; Batley, M. 2012. Combining citizen science, bioclimatic envelope models and observed habitat preferences to determine the distribution of an inconspicuous, recently detected introduced bee (Halictus smaragdulus Vachal Hymenoptera: Halictidae) in Australia Biological Invasions. 14. 515-527.  
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2008 Gollan, J. 2008. Final Report for BugWise Outreach Program Report to the NSW Environmental Trust 2006/EG/0005 23. Australian Museum.  
2008 Gollan, J. 2008. Final Report for BugWise Outreach '07 Report to the Coal & Allied Community Trust 53. Australian Museum.  
2008 Gollan, J. 2008. Evaluating Indicators for Monitoring Riparian Rehabilitation Success in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW, Australia PhD. PhD. School of Environmental and Rural Sciences. University of New England.  
2006 Gollan JR; Wright JT. 2006. Limited grazing pressure by native herbivores on the invasive seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia in a temperate Australian estuary Marine and Freshwater Research. 57. 685–694.